Angelita Howard- 4BG Parent

My daughter started with 4BG from its inception, as a middle schooler. The intellectual interaction, the social engagement, and the character building that she continues to experience from 4BG has truly been a blessing. 4BG is committed to life long learning and mentorship with our girls. D’Andrea invited my daughter initially to be a part of 4BG, however, each mentor has had a phenomenal impact on her. As a result of our being a part of 4BG, we recently completed a tour of a few colleges out of state thanks to Jamila. This is one example of how each mentor is vested in all mentees. Each month my daughter looks forward to time with 4BG, because they are much more than another group, they are a part of our village. They have great expectations of their mentees and work hard to ensure their success. These last years have been amazing, and we are looking forward to the future. Thank you ladies for your investment!
P.S. They will spoil the girls too…

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